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Like others I was previously a member at Bannatynes and found that for as much as I thought I was reasonably fit for my age, when I joined up with JD Fitness I quickly saw that I was not as fit as I thought I was.

I did 3 groups of 10 one on one sessions with JD, who had said he would get me to where I wanted to be and achieve my goals and with hard work " the no pain, no gain" and he certainly got me to where I wanted to be. Over 2 years later I have continued with my fitness levels. The team of JD, Jac and Stuart will certainly get you where you want to be with their encouragement and their ability to change whatever class you are participating in each week to do something different. The good thing strangely enough is that they make it fun to participate and those that attend the classes are a great group of people.

Whether it be swinging through the trees at "Go Ape", or this year at "Rough Runner" or Christmas Nights Party Nights, JD Fitness is the place to be to enjoy keeping fit.

Alan Scott

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Hard Work + Persistence + Expert Advice &Support + Consistency + Varied Physical Challenges = Success

This is the equation that the team at JD Fitness preach and put in practice, and it certainly works for me.

I started a block of Personal Training with John (JD) from JD Fitness over five years ago, originally in an effort to lose some much needed weight as my suits were starting to quake at my growing girth, and yet I was training more than twice a week at the gym! The first thing JD did was to identify where I was going wrong with my diet and exercise regime, and in no short order I was leaner and stronger than I’d ever been. Over the next few years we have continued to refine my goals in order to maximise not only my overall strength, but improve my general fitness such afashion that I am able to perform physical feats that I would never have attempted before. Each workout programmes regularly updated and has been expertly tailored to my needs so that not only is it continuing to challenge me physically, but introduces new types of exercise; weightlifting, cross-fit, bodyweight movements etc. Not only do my clothes now fit me, but I now have much better posture. I have learned so much from JD, and he is always willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear. JD is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational… …and I can’t recommend him enough!

I never really been a fan of fitness classes in the past and have always preferred the solitude of training by myself. However,I have been attending the Functional Fitness, Group Personal Training and Parent & Child Bootcamps with John (JD), Jacqueline (Jac) and Stuart for the past couple of yearsand they have proven the exception to my rule. Not only does my body always feels like it’s had a thorough workout after one of these classes, but I continue to get a buzz from the enthusiastic and can-do-attitudes that they bring to every session. I like the mixture between strength, cardiovascular and endurance exercises that each class challenges me to overcome. Each class brings something different to my weekly fitness routine:

Functional Fitness uses a differing range of equipment that trains my muscles to work together and helps prepare them for everyday activities safely and efficiently. The class taxes various muscles that increase in the upper and lower body at the same time, whilst also greatly improving my core stability.

Group Personal Training is a form of Circuit Training that is not only a great team building class, but works the whole body at once and involves exercises with and without equipment. Focusing on athletic performance over brute strength, this class not only has something for everyone no matter their fitness level, but encourages me do more of what I usually avoid when training by
myself i.e. cardio.

Parent & Child Bootcamps may give the wrong impression from the title in that they are “easy”, but the JD Fitness team always make sure that the parents/adults get a full workout alongside the children. Providing two different exercises at each station allows parents and children to train alongside one another and have fun together whilst getting fit. Also, by training outside it is not only a really refreshing way to start the day, but allows children who might normally sit and play computer games all day to see that getting outside to exercise can be enjoyable too. The JD Fitness team make sure that there is always a exciting game element to every Bootcamp so that even us adults sometimes forget that it’s a fitness class. I always enjoy the Bootcamps and have even attended them when my niece and nephew have been unavailable. The JD Fitness team’s ability to make exercise entertaining and demanding always slightly amazes me, and this is ably demonstrated by their ability to combine a group of kids, a ball pool, a treasure hunt, a ‘colliebuckie’ and water-slide to fashion an exercise routine. I have benefitted by becoming more energetic and a ‘cool uncle’ by participating
in the Bootcamps.

Mark Ramsay